Robert C Edwards

Wyze Cam - Make it Count

December 18, 2018 | 2 Minute Read

Wyze Cam — Make your camera count!

Wyze Cam is an awesome $20 IP camera that integrates with IFTTT and other services to make this already valuable camera, that much more valuable.

The basic idea is that we’ll point our camera at something we’d like to count, enable motion detection inside the Wyze Cam app, and then every time motion is detected, we’ll send that action to our analytics app.

  1. Open the Wyze Cam app, go to your Camera Settings, and tap Detection Settings to assign a motion region to count something unique e.g. your shop’s entrance, a dog’s food bowl, causeway, refrigerator, snack machine, etc..

Save a motion detection region inside the Wyze Cam app on your phone.

  1. Head over to to connect your Wyze Cam account to IFTTT if you haven’t already.

  2. Then go to to make a Wyze Cam motion trigger for your camera.

  3. Add a Webhook Action to send data to your analytics platform. For Google Analytics it’s fairly straight forward. Add your UID from your Google Analytics account and then the url string has ec= for Event Category, ea=for Event Action, el= for Event Label, and I’m passing an ev=1 for the Event Value.

IFTTT Webhook Trigger Setup

  1. Wait for some action to happen or trigger a test yourself.

  2. Dive into the data with analytics and get the interesting insights you need.

Google Analytics view of Total Events by Day of the Week

Setup for Mixpanel

The Webhook for Mixpanel is a little more complex due to the fact that the request needs to be base64 encoded, but that can easily be done here:

You’ll just need to copy your JSON from the example, but with your token and any other data you would want to capture, and paste into the Encode section of the website.

Modified JSON Example from Mixpanel (

    "event": "Wyze Cam Motion",
    "properties": {
        "distinct_id": "13793",
        "token": "e3bc4100330c35722740fb8c6f5abddc"

Here’s what your url will look like for the Webhook, and then use the data=LONGSTRINGOFBASE64ENCODEDSTUFF in the Body section of the Webhook like so:

IFTTT Webhook, POST, text/plain, Body containing Base64 Encoded Data

And there ya go, that should be your Mixpanel Analytics setup and you’ll be all set to capture and send data to Mixpanel now.