Robert C Edwards

Time Flies

July 21, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

I love the dicotomy of these two recent articles that portray the perecption and abstraction of time. One article speaks about how our perception of time is formed through a slice of life being divided into furthering smaller slices due to our first year of life being some sort of numeric marker of time delinineated through smaller fractions of time being created as we pass through life. The other represents our life through a series of dots that are equally spaced and of equal size. These show that our life is mostly lived within the Adult and Senior years of our life as the number of years spent are equally distributed. I posit that a much more complex algorithim is needed in order to properly weight various artibutes and the years spent through a number of lenses that help see our progression as a growth that is complex and on-going even into our later years. If quality of life is preserved, what better time in life than we finally have things figured out, children are grown, the nest is empty, and live are filled with a renewed sense of freedom and happy purposelessness. Alan Watt: It’s an engineering view of life as a need to create a structure and understanding to the things around us. When the Chinese say that nature is purposelessness this ia The Japanese call this Ugen. @robertcedwards