Robert C Edwards


  • Hacking Amazon Dash with Node and Twilio

    This is inspired by the great hack using Python and Magicforms that was posted on Medium. a IFTTT example: with Twilio, Mixpanel, Giphy, and a...

  • Assetto Vento, Speed based fan control in-game

    This is a build for the Car Simulator Assetto Corsa to control a fan based on the speed in the game. This build involved printed gears, a fan controller, stepper motor, motor controller and an Arduino.Code is here:

  • prototype PCB Boards are in!

    Working with new technologies is always exciting because each day there are thousands of innovations that make building things easy, faster, and of course cheaper.For this project I want to make a simple and easy to use home automation platform th...

  • Spark + MiniBLE + Mixpanel = Physical Analytics

    I’ve just finished building out a v1 of an idea I’ve been working on.The general idea is to use BLE mini in central mode to detect the UUID of nearby beacons, publish those to the Spark Cloud as a Spark.variable. A node.js script is running using ...