Robert C Edwards


  • Semantic CSS with Foundation

    Test post

  • Semantic CSS with Foundation and SASS

    Building Semantic website without class or div ‘itis’ using Foundation as the CSS framework and SCSS for the semantic bits.

  • Using Integromat to automate post updates via Airtable, outputting to Medium, Website, Twitter, etc.

    Automate your posting via Integromat, Airtable, GIthub pages, and moreIntegromat is a great tool to help automate manual processes around the internet. It also has a really nice visual layout for displaying your scenarios. This has set the tool ap...

  • Wyze Cam - Make it Count

    Wyze Cam — Make your camera count!Wyze Cam is an awesome $20 IP camera that integrates with IFTTT and other services to make this already valuable camera, that much more valuable.The basic idea is that we’ll point our camera at something we’d like...

  • Living Window

    Living WindowGetting started with a project is usually the tough part of an idea but the most important by far. Sometimes it can take months or even years for the spark of an idea to mature into something tangible. Other times it can magically tak...